Student Administration and Billing Services

With our on-site administration staff and bespoke Academy Administration software,,  we can take the hassle out of administering and billing your students - simply hire our studio to run your class and we'll do the rest. You class will automatically be placed on our web site and marketed through our student distribution channels, pupils can register and pay for classes online.

You will have your own-branded Terms & Condtions that reflect your principles and your own discount scheme if you run one.  

We will supply registers for your classes, reports on your income and produce a regular statement of income and charges, all according to your own preferred arrangement/timing.  

We will charge an initial set up fee and then a monthly rate based on the amount of support you use - ie the charges will be beskoke to you.


Student registration can be handled in one of three ways:

  1. Through Referal: Each time a user expresses an interest in your class they will be provided with the URL for your web site, or your email address to contact you directly.
  2. Through Email: Each time a user registers on the web site for your class you will receive an email with all their details for your own records
  3. Through our Acadamy Administration software, In addition to receiving an email for your information, class details are made available to you through our administration software. From there you can modify class lists, add or remove pupils yourself, control billing and see who has paid for your class. In addition you will be provided with an electronic register so that you may "tick off" your pupils.


Student billing can be managed on a per-term, period or class basis. In conjunction with our electronic register we can bill your pupils automatically for the classes they attend.

Academy Administration Software - Atten.Dance

Our software is also available for your dance school or activity based club.  Please contact us for more information or a referral.